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At healthonmedicine.com, we understand that the use of your personal data requires your trust. We are subject to the highest privacy standards and we will only use your personal data for clearly identified purposes and in accordance with your data protection rights. The personal data provided by users will be used to process the purchase, coordinate and dispatch the products, in addition to any other use that has been authorized.

The rules set out in this Privacy Policy complement the provisions, in terms of protection and treatment of personal data, set out in the contracts that Customers sign with the company, as well as the rules set out in this policy that regulate the offer of the various products and services. And that are duly published.


healthonmedicine.com SA may make available to third parties, who collaborate with the product dispatch process, those data that are necessary to fulfill said purpose, adopting the corresponding measures to protect said information from unauthorized treatment or uses, signing contracts or agreements in order to safeguard said information. In the event that the data processing has to be carried out by service provider companies for healthonmedicine.com, said service provider companies must assume confidentiality commitments and adopt measures that ensure due compliance with the obligations of Law on Protection of Private Life.

Additionally, the data may be used internally by healthonmedicine.com to send campaigns and advertising, for statistical purposes and to obtain user profiles to improve products and services offered on the site www.healthonmedicine.com. Likewise, the customer authorizes healthonmedicine.com to contact him in order to carry out post-sale services and conduct surveys on the shopping experience.

Any information that healthonmedicine.com has related to personal data of a sensitive nature, related to the field of health about customers, will be treated in accordance with Law on Protection of Private Life, not being communicated to third parties, but exclusively when it is used to grant certain benefits to the client or when expressly authorized by the user.


healthonmedicine.com recognizes the right of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition that users have regarding personal data that are subject to treatment by the company, in accordance with Law of Protection of Private Life.

Based on the above, users may have access to the information healthonmedicine.com has on their data, request the modification of erroneous or inaccurate data, as well as request the elimination of the data when it is unfounded or out of date. In the same way, the sending of emails with advertising, offers and services will always be carried out in accordance with the law, and you can always request the suspension of shipments. healthonmedicine.com is against sending emails without prior authorization (known as SPAM). For any communication or request in this regard, contact the email us – sales@healthonmedicine.com or call us – 13479744108.


healthonmedicine.com does not sell or allow access in any way to your personal data. Such information is for internal use only and is used only to facilitate the delivery process of your product. How are my credit card details used? We do not have access to your credit card numbers. The entire authorization process takes place between the user’s computer/device and the credit card operator’s system, without any interference from healthonmedicine.com.

healthonmedicine.com will not sell, rent or otherwise sell your data to third parties without your express and prior written authorization. However, this information can be grouped and used internally as generic statistics, in order to obtain a better understanding of the users’ profile to improve the products and services offered on the healthonmedicine.com website. healthonmedicine.com will not collect or maintain the online data of persons under 18 years of age, without the express consent and authorization of their parents or legal representatives, except in certain circumstances permitted by law and described in this policy, and the parents or representatives will be solely responsible within the civil sphere for any and all acts performed by minors while viewing and / or using this website.

The User agrees that he / she can only submit true information, and recognizes that healthonmedicine.com is not obliged to verify the accuracy of the data transmitted by the user or anyone else. In this way, the User agrees that the content of the Data sent through this website is the sole responsibility of the one who sent it, or of his / her parents or legal representatives, when applicable, and healthonmedicine.com is totally exempt from responding for any consequences of these contents. For offers and services, sending e-mails will be done only with your consent and may be disabled at any time.


healthonmedicine.com is committed to providing our customers with the best products. The customer must be aware, clearly and objectively, that this product is not intended to diagnose, cure, mitigate and / or prevent any diseases. For this reason, any information provided on our website, related web sites and emails is not a substitute for personal consultations with your doctor and cannot be interpreted as individual medical consultations. If there are any changes in your health conditions, please stop using our product immediately and seek medical advice.

healthonmedicine.com does not guarantee or acknowledge that the information sources are free from errors and does not certify, or is responsible for, the methods used and / or its conclusions. All specifications, performance data and information published on our website are limited to the informative / illustrative purpose and do not consist of guarantees that confirm such results.

Thus, we do not guarantee, under any circumstances, that the customer will have specific and / or particular results, as well as benefits with the use of healthonmedicine.com, or that their experience will be the same as that of other customers who have used this product. Each organism reacts differently. Individual results vary according to their own genetic and organic factors, outside the control of our company.


Cookies are data files recorded on your computer from our website, but which do not store personal data or affect your computer system. These files are used only to identify whether you are a constant visitor or not, and to improve your browsing experience. You can at any time delete or disable cookies on your browser.


If you have questions regarding Privacy Policy, you can contact us through the email address at sales@healthonmedicine.com. healthonmedicine.com reserves the right to change this Policy at any time, and the updated version will always be published on the website www.healthonmedicine.com.

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